Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thank you, TNQ.

Oh, how I love The New Quarterly!

And not just because it was one of the first (second, actually) mags to publish one of my poems. Every issue brings a great leaping of joy to my heart, as the Lorax might say. Delicious writing, delicate editing, electric images. And each one a beautiful object to hold and experience, too.  

So, I decided to enter TNQ's Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse contest last summer, but mostly because I wanted to subscribe anyway, and had a couple of poems I thought might fit the bill, so, what the hell? I do the same thing every year with Prairie Fire's Bliss Carman contest and consider it part of my renewal process. (Also, truly, my fingers ache for the prize -- a ginormous turquoise ring.)

I was so thrilled to get an e-mail from editor Kim Jernigan in late August saying that one of my pieces had tied for second place. (I know it's runner-up position, but it felt the same as victory to me.) The poem, called "Orbit," had its genesis from one of my early May Day forays, written in celebration of a first birthday. (The other poem I submitted was inspired by my loathing of Sunday nights.)

And the good news kept piling up. Jeanette Lynes, who I met last year in Banff, and who was gracious enough to provide a blurb for Vs., was the first-place winner. And Kerry Clare's essay came in second place in the Edna Staebler Personal Essay contest, printed in the same issue. Such wonderful company!

Visit your local newsstand to see the issue, or click here to read my interview with Kim.