Saturday, September 25, 2010

Age of Aq-kerry-ious

Here I am, either whistling, or saying "who," during my Soap Box series reading at Aqua this week.

It was a small-but-pleasant crowd at my first official event as Aqua's writer in residence. I read exclusively from Vs., mostly poems I hadn't read in public before, just to try 'em out.

A few garnered finger-snapping (from a big city Yankee in the audience who took part in the open mic portion with some pretty polished spoken word pieces) but otherwise the audience was spookily quiet. Where's Colin Smith when you need him?

I had a couple of positive comments after, but it's always hard to gauge reaction by people's facial expressions during a reading. I imagine at least four people were thinking "when is she going to be done so I can read my poem?" and at least as many: "when is she going to stop talking about boxing, already?"

Of course, even though I was scrambling to fill my 20 minutes, I still managed to forget to thank people for coming, give background info about the book, or announce the date of my launch. Oh well.

This coming Tuesday will be the first meeting of my Writers' Support Group, the other part of my WIR gig. Looking forward to it!

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