Sunday, March 27, 2011

wall eyeing

OK, so it's not one of the large, permanent-type author headshots. (A few of which -- including my beloved L. Cohen -- are looking a bit sun-faded, btw.) It's a paper print-out, affixed with push pins, above the cash desk. Still, I'm pretty excited to be up on the walls at McNally Robinson, no matter how temporarily.

Not sure who had to make the certainly grueling decisions about which authors to include, or where to position them, but I lucked into a pretty sweet spot. If you come in through the parking lot doors, look up and to the right. Sure, I would have like to have been next to (sigh) Michael Ondaatje, but I'm in a good neighbourhood -- just upstairs from Michael van Rooy and kitty-corner to Carol Shields.

Take a gander next time you're in. And, I'll be at McNally's live and in person on Tuesday, April 19th, opening for Anvil author Rachel Thompson. Looking forward to it!

(The photo they used, also the one on the top of this blog, was taken by J. on the verandah of my parents' cottage. I'd just woken up from a nap, which accounts for the dreamy, out-of-sorts expression and the bed-head.)

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