Sunday, February 6, 2011

Honourably mentioning a new poem.

A winery in Southern Saskatchewan. Go figure. (photo by Jeope.)

I had a nice -- and hugely surprising -- break from my logey state of "What next?iness" this week when I came home to a message on the machine from the good folks at Prairie Fire, saying I'd received an honourable mention (read: just left of the podium, in 4th place) in the Bliss Carman Poetry Award contest.

The poem, "afternoon storm*", will be published alongside the winners in this summer's issue. In the meantime, I continue to covet the first prize, a spectacular silver and turquoise ring (a replica of Carman's). Still, it's exciting/heart-breaking to be within drooling distance.

* about an afternoon spent at the Cypress Hills Winery, pictured above.

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