Friday, February 11, 2011


Nice story in The Uniter this week about Vs.! Check it out.

It was a fun interview, with thoughtful questions. (Many along the lines of: what's harder -- boxing or writing poems? Hmmm. Gooooooood question.) The reporter recorded it on her iPhone-a-ma-gadget. Which made me feel both totally modern and hopelessly out of touch.

I like that she picked up on some of the themes that other interviewers haven't: how boxing, and writing about boxing, affected my identity and self-perception, and how the hardest part of training was getting the brain and body to work together. 

I think it's funny she ascribed some boxing prowess to me. I must come off pretty tough while drinking tea at the Second Cup! As any Pan Am member can attest: you don't have to be good at something to write a book about it. (Still, it's a nice thought.)

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